Rumor on Armored Core 6: first details and leaked visuals for the next mecha game from FromSoftware and Hidetaka Miyazaki

Long before being mainly known for its Souls, FromSoftware has given life to many other licenses including Armored Core. WhileElden ring is about to see the light of day next month (available for pre-order from € 52.99 on Amazon), it is precisely this series that is the subject of rumors. And this time, no question of a change of banner Twitter from a member of the studio, but from a possible survey, the elements of which were made public by a certain Red liquorice on ResetEra, of which first visuals that is here :

Armored Core leak 02 10 01 2022Armored Core leak 03 10 01 2022 Armored Core leak 04 10 01 2022

According to the user, two videos showing a boss fight inspired by those of the Souls in terms of speed and style, and the gameplay in a snow-covered area would also have been included with this survey, as well as a description. One watermark was applied to the images, which he previously obscured. This new Armored Core who has been talking about him since 2016 would therefore be a GST action-oriented with so as not to change the mechas beacons of the license, competing at short and long distance across gigantic maps in a sci-fi world. Even better, Hidetaka Miyazaki would take care of the project ! The synopsis is puzzling

Mixture, an unknown substance that could significantly advance human society. In the past, this substance caused a cosmic catastrophe on the planet Bashtar, engulfing the surrounding star systems, and ultimately its very existence was lost. Decades later, the Mixture’s reaction was confirmed again on the planet Bashtar. In search of the unknown substance that should have been lost, various speculations begin to arise and various parties become involved; the government, companies, sectarians and unknown mercenaries … The protagonist is one of them.

Main characteristics

  • The world of science fiction created by Hidetaka Miyazaki – FromSoftware’s unique and deep sci-fi worldview and multi-layered history. Set on the planet Bashtar, a sci-fi world devastated by planetary catastrophe, with an overwhelming sense of scale that only the mecha can provide.
  • A vast terrain representing a multi-layered world – On a massive, three-dimensional map, you can feel the scale of this mecha universe. A wide variety of maps provide an array of challenging enemies and carefully crafted situations worth facing over and over again.
  • Feel the tension, in long and short range battles – This game features not only long range combat with guns, but also close range combat elements such with blade and shield, which add a sense of urgency to the gameplay. Decide between defensive tactics in tense and difficult battles against powerful enemies.
  • Dynamic action in three dimensions – The dynamic, three-dimensional movement of the game is something that no human can emulate. You can move freely across the vast map with the unique mobility of a mecha.
  • High degree of customization freedom – Reconfigure body parts and weapons to improve your mecha. With a high level of customization, you can create a mecha suit to suit your playing style; a build that focuses on close combat and mobility, or a build that emphasizes firepower to wipe out swarms of enemies at once.

Finally, this mysterious poll would also list several potential titles, including Armored Core 6, Armored Core VI, correct Armored Core, others with subtitles that the Internet user has not remembered, or even titles without the name of the license …

In short, all you have to do is wait and see if FromSoftware will unveil a new episode ofArmored Core In the coming months.

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