Russians join forces in the south: London sees a new phase in the Ukraine war

Russians join forces in the south
London sees new phase in Ukraine war

The Russian convoys are long: according to British intelligence, military trucks, tanks and artillery are moving south-west from the Donbass in eastern Ukraine. A front almost 350 kilometers long awaits them here.

Great Britain expects a new phase in the Russian war against Ukraine. Most of the fighting is shifting to an almost 350-kilometer front that stretches in the south-west parallel to the Dnieper from the area around Zaporizhia to Cherson. This was shared by the Ministry of Defense in London Twitter from the latest intelligence report.

According to the findings, Russian forces gathered in southern Ukraine. There they expected a Ukrainian counter-offensive or were preparing a possible attack of their own. Long Russian convoys of military trucks, tanks and artillery are still moving southwest from Donbass in eastern Ukraine, the intelligence report said.

Tactical battalions numbering 800 to 1,000 soldiers have been stationed on the Crimean peninsula and are likely to support Russian troops in Kherson. The region lies across from Crimea, annexed by Russia in 2014, on mainland Ukraine.

According to British information, the Ukrainian armed forces are concentrating their attacks on bridges, ammunition depots and railway connections in the south. Among them is the strategically important railway connection that connects Cherson with Crimea. The Ukrainian attacks are coming at ever shorter intervals.

Russian forces began their invasion of the neighboring country on February 24th. The leadership in Moscow describes it as a “special military operation” and defends it with the alleged protection of the Russian-speaking population in Ukraine and the extermination of dangerous nationalists. Ukraine and the West speak of an unprovoked war of aggression by Russia.

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