Russia’s spies in London?: Britain charges five Bulgarians with “conspiracy”.

Russia’s spies in London?
Britain charges five Bulgarians with “conspiracy”.

In London, British prosecutors are charging Bulgarian citizens with spying for Russia. The law enforcement agency accuses the three men and two women of “conspiring to gather information.” Three Bulgarians have been in custody since August.

Five people from Bulgaria are charged in Great Britain with spying for Russia. The three men and two women are accused of “conspiring to collect information” that could be useful to “an enemy” and detrimental to the “security and interests” of Great Britain, according to the statement British Crown Prosecution Service announced.

The defendants, aged between 29 and 45 and living in Great Britain, are due to appear in court for a hearing next Tuesday. In mid-August, the BBC reported that three Bulgarians had been in custody since February. They have already been charged with “possession of false identification documents, dishonest intent.” According to the BBC, the two men and a woman carried passports, identity cards and other documents from several countries, including Britain, Italy and France.

The current allegations are the result of an investigation by the London Police Counter-Terrorism Unit, said the CPS.

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