RX 7900: stocks will be much higher than those of the RTX 4090

Let all fans of AMD graphics cards rest assured: the manufacturer has planned for the launch of its RX 7900 XT and RX 7900 XTX. According to a recent report, the latter even planned to overtake Nvidia’s offer with its RTX 4090 and RTX 4080. A strategy that could pay off given the positioning of its own models.

For all PC gamers, this end of the year is marked by the arrival on the market of new generation graphics cards, both from Nvidia and AMD. As the Reds’ RTX 7900s are about to be launched, war is officially declared between the two manufacturers. That of prices, those of performance, but also that of availability.

This will probably not have escaped your notice if you have tried (and perhaps succeeded) in buying an RTX 4090 or RTX 4080: official stocks are already empty, and it now remains to turn to resellers – at the risk of s exhibit at sometimes exorbitant prices. AMD, for its part, would seek precisely to avoid this situation, by inflating its stocks much more than those of its rival.

It will be easier to find an RX 7900 XT than an RTX 4090

According to the MyDrivers media, AMD has indeed effectively prepared the launch of its new graphics cards, scheduled for December 13, by considerably boosting its production. Still according to this same source, the stocks amassed would thus be much higher than those of the RTX 4090 when they were released last month. As a reminder, Nvidia has marketed around 160,000 RTX 4000s, 81.25% of which are RTX 4090s.

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AMD therefore clearly has a playing card. Indeed, we recently learned that the RX 7900s are positioned in direct competition with the RTX 4080. What’s more, the going prices should be significantly lower. In other words, and especially with Christmas approaching, gamers could decide to opt for the GPU available for purchase instead, especially if the prices are more attractive for similar performance. Answer in a few days.

Source: MyDrivers

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