Sale / Good deal – The Nikon Z7 + 24-70 mm f/4 S “4 stars” camera body at €2,239.00 (-20%)

With its first 24×36 hybrids, Nikon begins a profound transition towards a new photographic era. A successful movement with an attractive Z7, but not devoid of flaws.

First test transformed for Nikon in the world of 24×36 hybrids! The Z7 fulfills many wishes, and if nothing is perfect, this model proves to be efficient, efficient and pleasant to use. Its compatibility with F-mount lenses (Nikon and third-party companies) allows a smooth transition and a wide range of uses, especially in video. The Z7 will however be more comfortable in the studio than at the edge of the stadium with a 5 fps burst with AF tracking and exposure metering tracking.

Strong points

  • Pleasant handling.
  • Good management of electronic noise.
  • Large and pleasant electronic viewfinder.
  • Good autofocus tracking.
  • Good general responsiveness.
  • Effective 5-axis mechanical stabilization.
  • SnapBridge makes it easy to share with a smartphone.
  • Compatibility of Nikkor lenses in F mount.
  • Video 1080 at 120 fps.
  • Presence of an LCD screen for recalling the settings.
  • Extensive customization of the case
  • Recharging possible via USB-C (with the right batteries).

Weak points

  • No shutter beyond 1/8000 s.
  • Burst at only 5 fps with AF and continuous exposure.
  • No eye recognition for autofocus.
  • Only accepts memory cards in XQD format.
  • No 4K/UHD 60p video
  • Viewfinder limited to 60p.
  • Cropping in video 1080 120 fps.
  • The LCD screen is not mounted on a ball joint.
  • No pixel shift.
  • No backlighting of controls.
  • Still progress to make in autonomy.
  • Very expensive new optics.
  • No internal N-Log.


Canon returns and hits hard from the start. The EOS R6, although less technologically charged than its false twin, the EOS R5, is nonetheless a formidable device. Equipped with efficient ergonomics, it stands out above all for its responsiveness, among the best measured with us, especially on a full-frame device. If we had to nitpick, we could regret the “only” 20.1 Mpx sensor or the slight crop in 4K UHD, but that does not fundamentally detract from the R6. We must now see if this new Canon case will shake the versatile 24×36 reference hybrids such as the Nikon Z6, the Panasonic Lumix S1 or the Sony A7 III. Because this R6 seems to arrive after the first battle, but given its qualities, we can say that Canon is still far from having lost the war.

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