Salzburg-Tierecke – Lonely creatures want to enrich your life

Numerous rescued or left behind “emergency skins” hope for a carefree future. The most recent protégés from Salzburg are presented by the “Krone” and asks the readers to take care of the sad companions. The contact option is indicated for each animal.

It is estimated that Liam was born in May 2022 and is waiting for a forever home in the Salzburg animal shelter. He is extremely friendly towards people and dogs. The young male only has one handicap: He hears very poorly in his right ear and because the organ of equilibrium is located there, his sense of balance is sometimes restricted. However, Liam has gotten used to it and is fine with it. With whom can the always cheerful four-legged friend play and cuddle soon? Dog lovers please call 0662/832322. Philos was born in the summer of 2016. He is a lovable and affectionate mixed breed male and knows how to deal with children. He also gets along great with his dog buddies. Long walks in nature make his dog’s heart beat faster. What he lacks is his own home, which he can enrich with his sunny nature. You can find out more from Pfotenhilfe Lochen on 0664/5415079. Diego deserves a happy life. The adorable fox terrier (about four years old, neutered; has an EU passport) is a dear, active fellow – cats are also among his friends. More information: “Nothilfe für Hunde” association, 0664/5686195.
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