Samsung Ad Taunts Apple: “Wait – That’s What We Do”



In a new commercial, Samsung shoots arrows at competitor Apple. The background is Apple’s wait-and-see behavior with foldable smartphones.

What? There are foldable smartphones? (Source: Screenshot Youtube)

  • This week, Samsung released an aggressive promotional clip targeting Apple customers and the iPhone maker itself.
  • A Samsung employee sits on the fence of an Apple store and blasphemes about foldables.
  • Background: There is currently no foldable iPhone.

With the current Galaxy Z Flip 4, Samsung does not have its first foldable smartphone on the market. After a few teething problems, the series is considered mature. Other manufacturers of Android smartphones also have foldable cell phones and some foldable notebooks in their range.

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Rumors and patents about a foldable iPhone have repeatedly surfaced in the past, but Apple is still waiting. This is exactly what Samsung hangs in a provocative advertising clip “On the fence”.

Here a man is sitting on a fence, in the background you can see a shop that is very reminiscent of an Apple Store. “What are you doing up there?” a supposed Apple employee asks him, “you can’t sit there.” The man on the fence replies, “But on the Samsung side, they have foldable phones and epic cameras.” The supposed Apple employee replied: “We’ll wait until all of this comes over to us.”

It’s not the first clip of this kind. What do you think of the strip? Let us know on social networks.

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