Samsung: Users complain about low battery life after One UI 5.1 update – this workaround is available


Samsung’s One UI 5.1 is very power hungry. This has been reported by users on Reddit since the update. A workaround is already circulating.

Samsung’s new user interface causes problems for users of older Galaxy models. (Source: Samsung)

  • Users report reduced battery life after updating to One UI 5.1.
  • In addition to the Galaxy S23, the new version is also available on some older Samsung smartphones.
  • Apparently the Samsung keyboard is partly responsible for the problem.

The update to One UI 5.1 also gives older smartphones from Samsung some features that are also found in the Galaxy S23. On Reddit, users are now complaining that their Samsung cell phone’s battery has been draining faster since the update. In addition, a user has shared a workaround that you can try if you are affected by it yourself.

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According to the Reddit post and the comments below, the problem could have two causes. On the one hand it is possible that after the update the “Maximum Performance Mode” was activated without your intervention. All performance limitations for energy saving are ignored.

Increased power hunger after update

On the other hand, the Samsung keyboard should put more strain on your battery. While you can simply look into the settings for performance mode and disable it if in doubt, the solution for the Samsung keyboard is a bit more complicated. Another Reddit user has already published a workaround:

This is how you do it:

  • Go to Settings and Apps.
  • Go to the “Show system apps” filter.
  • Search “Samsung Keyboard” or “Samsung Keyboard”. and press “Storage” or “Storage”
  • Clears the cache.
  • Reboot the phone.

With this workaround, which the Reddit user was given by Samsung’s customer service, you should at least be able to mitigate the problem. The South Korean manufacturer is likely to react to this problem in the following updates.

9to5Google has also observed other bugs. Some users report that Bixby routines stopped working. These are chains of commands that you can create, manage and launch using the voice assistant.

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