Sandrine Rousseau tackled by Michel Sardou, his sharp reply: “Me too, Michel…”

A dedication that did not go unnoticed. In the middle of his farewell tour, Michel Sardou was on stage at La Défense Arena in Paris, this Sunday March 17. During this concert, the 77-year-old singer performed his greatest hits which have marked his sixty-year career. When interpreting its title I will love youthe husband of Anne-Marie Périer launched a little dig at Sandrine Rousseau. “I’m going to sing you a song that we couldn’t write today. A young man who places his hand without consent on a woman’s hand is in direct custody. If he has the audacity to want to put his hand elsewhere, it’s Fleury-Mérogis”, first launched Michel Sardou. Before continuing: “This song, I hope, will perhaps ‘deconstruct’ a little more, if it were possible, a charming, delicious (…) tender, intelligent, boring woman, Madame Sandrine Rousseau.”

On his X account (formerly Twitter, editor’s note), this Monday March 18, the 52-year-old politician ironically declared his love for him. “Me too, Michel, I love you”she wrote on the famous social network, as spotted by our colleagues from BFMTV. On the waves of South InfoSandrine Rousseau reacted to Michel Sardou’s comments on consent, which created a certain unease in the theater. “I understood in the articles, following this concert, that even part of his audience was a little embarrassed by his statements, and I would like to say that there is a form of resistance to what is happening. pass, which is a form of gentle, very profound revolution in society”. The tensions between Michel Sardou and Sandrine Rousseau are far from easing…

Michel Sardou: his attack on Sandrine Rousseau on “deconstructed” men

The dispute between Michel Sardou and Sandrine Rousseau does not start today. It all started in January 2023. On the BFMTV set, the interpreter of Lake Connemara was invited to react to the MP’s comments on men “deconstructed”. “I wonder what else Sandrine Rousseau’s husband is missing! What does a deconstructed man mean?” From then on, Alain Marschall’s sidekick told him that it was a man sharing household chores.

It didn’t take much to annoy Michel Sardou. “I’m not deconstructed at all and I don’t want to be deconstructed!”he explained before attacking the MP’s husband: “Poor guy, frankly! You shouldn’t have to take a walk to help this poor guy ?”, said the singer, known for his outspokenness. Before launching a somewhat provocative appeal: “Shouldn’t we organize something, a solidarity fund to say: ‘My poor boy, what have you stumbled upon?’ It’s hell !” For her part, Sandrine Rousseau quickly posted on The tone is set.

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