Sarah Ferguson: She did not receive an invitation to Prince Philips’ funeral

Sarah Ferguson
She did not receive an invitation to Prince Philip’s funeral

Despite the good relationship with her ex-husband Prince Andrew and the Queen, Sarah Ferguson will be absent from Prince Philips’ funeral

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With only 30 mourners allowed, it was clear that some would not make the list. Such as the Duchess of York, Sarah Ferguson.

With only 30 mourners admitted to Prince Philips (1921-2021) funeral due to the Corona regulations, it was inevitable to withhold an invitation from numerous people. One of them is Sarah Ferguson (61), the ex-wife of Prince Andrew (61). Although she should According to reports, currently with Andrew at the Royal Lodge, the shared property south of Windsor Castle, will be missing at the funeral on Saturday (April 17th). In contrast to Prince Andrew and their daughters Princess Beatrice (32) and Princess Eugenie (31), who are each accompanied by their husbands.

“Fergie” expresses her support for the Queen (94) during this difficult time in a different way, reports “The Mirror”. Again and again she recently met Elizabeth II, with whom Ferguson is supposed to maintain an intimate relationship despite the divorce from Prince Andrew in 1996, for walks together – sometimes twice a day, it is said. Ferguson’s relationship with Prince Philip, however, was not the best. At the latest after intimate photos of the Duchess of York went through the media with another man, only months after the separation from Prince Andrew in 1992.