Sarah Harrison: Special photo with the whole family


"My family is complete," Sarah Harrison writes on Instagram and shows the first family photo with her two daughters Mia and Kyla.

Just a few days ago, the second daughter of the influencer couple Dominic and Sarah (29) Harrison saw the light of day. Now the proud double mom shows the first family photo with the two daughters on her Instagram account. Mia (born 2017) holds her little sister Kyla in her arms and lovingly kisses her on the head. The parents also kiss. "My family is complete," Sarah Harrison writes. It is the first time that little Kyla can be seen completely from the front.

The proud dad has meanwhile shared another special event on his Instagram profile: "The moment when my two ladies first saw and met each other is now one of the most wonderful memories I have!" In the picture Dominic Harrison holds his two daughters in his arms. Mia caresses her little sister's face lovingly and curiously.