Saralisa Volm: actress presents erotic film series on TV

Tele 5 brings crackling eroticism back on TV with the film series "FSK Sex": After the predecessors of the series on the topics "SM", "Jung & Wild" and "What I want", the station always presents on Fridays until April 3rd Topic "Purchased lust" sophisticated erotic cinema. New: With the actress and filmmaker Saralisa Volm (34), the series gets its own face.

Volm speaks openly and informally about her own experiences as an actress on the set of "Hotel Desire" and as a producer of "Fikkefuchs". She also openly shares her clear opinion about sex and love. So the films are not only accompanied, but also classified at the same time.

The two Hollywood stars James Franco (41) and Heather Graham (50) are also part of the film "Cherry – Dark Secrets". Oscar winner Juliette Binoche (56) also explores the secrets of two young students who prostitute themselves in "The Better Life" as journalist Anne for a Parisian magazine.

A new perspective

Also new: The fourth season of "FSK Sex" is flanked for the first time by two documentary productions. The approximately 30-minute articles shed light on the topic of "bought lust" in real life. In it, Volm accompanies a woman at work. On the one hand the successful German porn actress Hanna Secret (24) and on the other hand the Hamburg sex worker and youtuber Josefa Nereus, who has been working for the de-stigmatization of sex work for years.

It starts on Friday, March 13, with the film "Cherry – Dark Secrets" from 10:35 p.m.