Save €200 on the MacBook Air M2 for Black Friday Week

[Deal du Jour] Starting today, Black Friday Week begins, the week leading up to Black Friday Day, Friday, November 25. This week of promotions allows you to find tech products at the best price. And to inaugurate the ball, the MacBook Air M2 from Apple seems to find everything.

What is this promotion on the MacBook Air M2 of 2022?

As part of Black Friday Week, Amazon is offering a discount on the MacBook Air M2 with a 256 GB SSD. Found on Apple’s official store at €1,499, it is offered here at a price of €1,299.

What is this MacBook Air?

Apple obliges, the design and finishes of the MacBook Air M2 are exemplary. The different colors look great and bring something new to the range. They never fall into outrageous “bling bling” and offer a welcome elegant sobriety. The thickness of the MacBook Air is 1.13 centimeters with perfectly flat screen and cover, for a weight of only 1.24 kg. Dream measurements for an ultra-portable computer. The MacBook Air’s Liquid Retina screen is getting bigger, from 13.3 inches to 13.6 inches. It offers a definition of 2560 × 1664 pixels and occupies 86% of the screen. Although it doesn’t rise to OLED level, color, contrast and brightness are great for everyday use.

Unfortunately, Apple persists with its controversial notch aesthetic. Like the iPhone, the MacBook Air has this very unsightly rectangle at the top of the screen, in order to hide its front camera. This small design error will not be to everyone’s taste, but fortunately ends up being forgotten as it is used. To stay on the few faults of this MacBook Air M2, the connection is limited to two USB-C Thunderbolt 3 ports and a mini-jack socket.

The “Starlight” color of the MacBook Air M2. // Source: Louise Audry for Numerama

Is this MacBook Air M2 a good deal?

The MacBook Air M2 (2022) is an excellent laptop, so it’s a very good investment at this price. The M2 chip logically follows the M1 chip and it is even better. Its more recent architecture allows it to perform better. On the GPU side, it has 8 cores (some have 10) and allows Apple’s laptop to run with remarkable fluidity. The MacBook Air turns on instantly, software opens quickly, including demanding applications. Final Cut Pro or Photoshop run smoothly and without overheating. However, if you need massive computing power, you’ll probably want to turn to a MacBook Pro M1 or Ultra. But Apple’s laptop already offers excellent performance and does not have to be ashamed of higher-end models.

Finally, in terms of autonomy, the MacBook Air M2 will easily last you the whole day. Autonomy far superior to most laptops. It recharges via the famous MagSafe port which is making a remarkable comeback. The latter has the particularity of being magnetic and detaching at once.

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Black Friday // Source: Adèle Foehrenbacher for Numerama

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