Saving energy: 4 energy-saving tips from the BRIGITTE editorial team

Energy saving hacks
4 editors reveal their energy-saving tips

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Everyone is talking about saving energy right now, but what is really useful in everyday life? Four colleagues share their tips.

Backpack instead of trunk

Claudia Münster, Deputy Editor-in-Chief BRIGITTE

“I used to do the big grocery shopping once a week – by car. Now I share it out, sometimes even ride it every day – by bike. Ten minutes there, ten back, and what doesn’t fit in a backpack and bike basket these days It’s just going to be on the list for tomorrow. In winter I’ll be going on foot. That’s good for me too, because since I’ve been working part-time from home, I don’t move enough. What else? In a few months (long delivery times! ) I’m having the old oil heating system in the house replaced with a heat pump.”

Everything smartly regulated

Vivien Windel, food editor at

“Heating thermostats, window sensors, smart lightbulbs and sockets are a bit expensive to buy at first, but after that they save you a lot of money and energy. If the window in my house is opened, the heating is turned down. I leave that house, all lights and devices switch off automatically. And thanks to the smart and easily retrofitted heating thermostats, I can also heat each room individually and adjust my presence and absence times.”

I make a shower stop

Christian Schierwagen, lifestyle editor at

“Especially early in the morning I could stand in the shower forever. However, that is neither good for my skin nor my wallet, after all, continuous running water is quite a drain on energy and water. For this reason, I have now made it a habit to stop taking a shower. Means: get wet for a moment, turn off the tap, soap up, shower, done.”

Goodbye to standby

Antje Kunstmann, medical editor

“Of course we do all sorts of small things, like not letting devices run on standby. That also adds up in the end. But our biggest savings factor is that we don’t have a car. We do almost everything with the cargo bike. And the second We will soon be tackling the big energy guzzlers: We are having our house, which will soon be 100 years old, insulated. It has double brickwork; the cavity between them can be filled with insulating material. A few neighbors have also been interested since they heard about it for that. I think that’s great!”


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