Scandinavian Hairline: This TikTok trend is not only conquering blonde hair

Scandinavian Hairline
This hair trend is now conquering not only blond hair

Vilma Sjoberg on the Stella McCartney runway

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Fancy a type change towards Scandinavia? Nothing easier than that! From now on you only need your hairline, which will receive a fresh update.

An incredible sense of style meets breathtaking beauty – almost bold, they appear completely natural, subtly imposing themselves on those who look at them. We’re talking about Scandinavians, they can – exaggeratedly – wear everything, do everything and still look beautiful and casual at the same time. Another of her secrets has now been revealed. Does her natural charm lie in her hairlines? You might think, if you look at the latest trend on TikTok.

Scandinavian Hairline: The color trend for the hairline

A fresh facial expression and liveliness are mainly due to the Scandinavian trend. What many blonde Scandinavians in particular have by nature is now emulated with a visit to the hairdresser. Unlike strands, the complete face frame becomes; speak the baby hairs and everything in between; dipped in a light, cool blonde. White or platinum blondes are particularly popular. These make your face shine and open your eyes.

This is how you get the style on your hair

Dyeing is best left to a professional. Hairdressers know exactly how to mix the bleach and how long it ultimately stays in the hair! If hydrogen peroxide stays in the hair for too long, it can break faster than you think. If the original hair color is brown, it is worth highlighting the dark hair first. This can take a few sessions, as the dark pigment is removed from the hair. The complementary hairline looks particularly natural with highlighted hair. Important: Don’t forget to use hydrating masks and treatments after bleaching! A silver shampoo at the end ensures an even cooler finish, almost straight out of Scandinavia.


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