Scooper: GALA tests the “Energy Revolution” from “The Lion’s Den”

“The Lions’ Den”
Scooper: What is the “Energy Revolution” really good for?

Patrick Fuchs and Michael Gueth from “Scooper”

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Are you longing for a suitable alternative to coffee and energy drinks? Maybe “Scooper” from “The Lion’s Den” is just the thing. GALA has already tested it for you.

I (news editor Julia Nothacker) have a lot of dead spots during the daily eight-hour working hours. I get tired, my concentration fades, my motivation too, and I would like to just take a nap. This would be possible in the home office, but it is not advisable. Most of the time, after a nap, I’m even more tired than before. I like to drink my two cups of coffee a day, but after this I have enough and I lose my appetite.

I need an alternative and because I have had this knowledge several times, I have also tested one or the other caffeine product from “The Lions’ Den” in recent years. In April 2021 I tried the energy pill “Qinao POWER”, a month later the caffeine sparkling water “FLOWKISS”. Both products weren’t bad, but they didn’t completely convince me. That’s why I’m now testing “Scooper”.

What exactly is “Scooper” from “The Lions Den”?

With "Scooper" the two founders want to join "The lion's den" one "Energy Revolution" create (on VOX and TVNOW)

With “Scooper” the two founders want to create an “Energy Revolution” for “Die Höhle der Löwen” (on VOX and TVNOW)

© RTL / Bernd-Michael Maurer

“Scooper” is being advertised by the two founders Patrick Fuchs and Michael Guethals as the “Energy Revolution” – pretty exaggerated, right? What exactly is so revolutionary about the product? First of all, probably the fact that it is not a classic food to eat. The little bags, as I call them – the scoopers – are not sucked, chewed or simply swallowed. You place it under your upper lip on the roof of your mouth and keep it there for ten to fifteen minutes.

The product advertises that it consists of 100 percent caffeine, that it is fresh and absolutely sugar-free. Of course, that’s right – if you look at the list of ingredients, you’ll notice: Scooper contains a mixture of different sweeteners and flavors. So you shouldn’t claim that the product is healthy – but neither do I.

The “Energy Evolution” in the self-test

The application

I am a bit skeptical when I take a closer look at the “Scooper” in the round packaging and slide the first one with the flavor “Iced Cola” under my upper lip. Is this feeling really that pleasant? No – I realize after a short time. The little bag is extremely fresh – too fresh for my taste. It’s just a very uncomfortable feeling to have something so fresh, almost spicy in this sensitive area.

There is a reason for placing the “Scooper” under the upper lip: the caffeine can be absorbed more quickly on the mucous membrane. But it works just as well on the tongue and so I decide to always place the sachets there. It was definitely the right decision. You quickly get used to the “scooper” on your tongue, and often you even forget it.

The taste

The “Scooper” is available in four different flavors: “Fresh Mint”, “Cool Grapefruit”, “Iced Cola” and “Iced Caramel Coffee”. One thing you have to leave the little bag: the taste is enormous.

I don’t want to influence anyone at this point, because taste is a matter of taste. But personally I like the typical “Fresh Mint” chewing gum variant best, I can’t start with the three other flavors. As I said, everyone feels that individually. For example, my sister, who I included in the test to get a second opinion, likes “Iced Cola” best. But you definitely can’t complain about too little taste, the aromas have not been spared here.

The effect

More than the taste of the “Scooper” the effect convinces me. 40 mg of caffeine per sachet are absorbed through the oral mucosa and should therefore work faster than any espresso.

In fact, putting it on your tongue (or under your upper lip) for ten minutes gives you a great caffeine kick and new energy. Ideal if you don’t feel like having coffee or don’t drink one at all. The effect doesn’t last that long, but then you can get the next kick with a different flavor.

The bottom line

I am not completely enthusiastic, but convinced. In particular, I will certainly buy the “Fresh Mint” variant privately in the future when I need a suitable alternative to coffee or energy drinks.

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