Secret operation in the night: KSK rescues Munich family from Kabul

Secret operation at night
KSK saves Munich family from Kabul

The Bundeswehr’s evacuation mission mainly takes place on the airport premises. However, a family from Munich has problems getting there. A special unit ultimately makes it possible to leave the country in a night-and-fog operation.

According to a report by “Spiegel”, elite soldiers from the Special Forces Command (KSK) rescued a Munich family from Kabul and left the airport premises during the mission. During the secret operation “Blue Light”, the German soldiers worked their way forward on foot and saved a 19-year-old woman from Munich, her little brother and her mother, citing security circles. The operation took about an hour.

The family had tried several times to get to the airport grounds themselves, but were repeatedly sent back by the Taliban. Under cover of darkness, KSK soldiers then piloted the family into the airport on Saturday. On Sunday shortly before midnight, the family landed at the airport in Frankfurt.

So far, the evacuation mission of the German armed forces was limited to the airport area. Two helicopters that had been brought to Afghanistan to evacuate people at risk from the urban area have not yet been used.

Defense Minister Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer did not directly confirm the secret operation of the KSK, but did not deny it to the TV offer of the “Bild” newspaper after multiple inquiries. And she expressly praised the fact that the KSK in Kabul as well as the paramedics, paratroopers and the crews of the transport aircraft did a great job.

Since the beginning of the evacuation operation at Kabul airport, the Bundeswehr has brought more than 2,700 people out of the country. “As long as possible, we will fly as many as possible from Kabul,” said the Federal Ministry of Defense on Twitter. There it said: “The situation at the airport is still very difficult.”