Seductive eye make-up: cat eyes? Now come the Foxy Eyes! – Video

Would you like a lifting effect without surgery? This new trend should make it possible. Foxy Eyes are currently conquering Instagram – no wonder, after all, the new make-up trend is supposed to conjure up a seductive effect in every eye. We show how it all works in the video.

Ever heard of Foxy Eyes? The new make-up look doesn't transform us into a fox, but it does give our face the delicate features of the pretty animal.

Make-up artist Patrick Ta gives many celebrities the Foxy Eyes trend

Kendall Jenner or Gigi Hadid show how it is done. With a simple concealer trick, you can lift the area around your eyes, all without the help of a beauty doc.

Some beauty fans even shave off the ends of their eyebrows for this effect. But it doesn't have to be that radical – we show you in the video how you can do it without a razor.