SEGA opens a new studio in Sapporo

SEGA, a former console builder and now publisher and developer of video games, today announced the opening of a new studio in Japan. Based in Sapporo, on the island of Hokkaido, it actually opened on December 1, 2021, but the builder formalizes the thing only now.

SEGA Sapporo Studio, that’s his name, will be chaired by Takaya Segawa, director of many baseball games (very popular in the land of the rising sun), and he will be in charge of development and debugging operations. SEGA explains that he wants to offer new games on as many platforms as possible to follow the evolution of the video game market, and will recruit many new people living in Sapporo to carry out these projects.

With Sapporo Studio, SEGA shows that it remains a major player in the world of video games in Japan and internationally, let’s wait and see what this new branch has in store for us. You can find the game SEGA Mega Drive Classics at € 25.49 on Amazon.

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