Selection and gift ideas for a 6 year old child!

Need to find the right gift for a 6 year old? Gift ideas, advice, and fun or educational games: we present the latest novelties and trends in toys for a little girl or a little boy of 6!

At 6 years old, a child is about to start learning to read, he can form complex sentences, modulate his words, and rhythm his intonations. A 6-year-old is lively, full of energy and will be curious to discover new experiences: creative workshop, educational game, puzzles and coloring are all ideas for gifts to give him, whether for a birthday or Christmas!

Entertaining, educational, cooperative or in adventure mode, here is the selection of the best gifts and toys for 6-year-olds, and the latest game trends!

Have fun: cool and funny gifts

Construction: L'Ecole Aménagée – PLAYMOBIL

Who hasn't already had a Playmobil area? The benchmark brand in imitation and role play offers the "school" version, to imagine all the possible stories between the teacher and his or her students …

Characteristics :

  • Ground floor: storage and lockers for the students of the class
  • First floor: 2 classrooms (reception, computer room)
  • Package contents : 9 characters two classrooms, a staircase, an elevator, mobile and interactive blackboard, digital clock with analog design, school clock
  • Using the school clock: children can set the school time, the alarm (alarm with 2-minute delay), and sound selection (three choices: modern, traditional or alarm school bell).
  • Dimensions: L 76 x D 36 x H 37 cm

Our opinion :
A timeless game that deserves its price: complete, interactive, children do not see the time passing … To complete this playground, Playmobil also offers the "sports hall" and "school bus" extension. Forward the stories?

More info on the Playmobil furnished school game (free delivery, receive the products in 3 days maximum)

Being strategic: My Naval Battle – JANOD

6 years old is the age of the first puzzle games! Revisited by the French brand Janod, the naval battle is played pirate! A board game suitable from the age of 5 to initiate to strategy and duo games. A smart purchase at a low price.

Characteristics :

  • Two difficulty levels: beginner (20-box grid) or advanced (64-box grid)
  • Pirate themed illustrations
  • 10 small magnetic boats per player
  • Erasable grid to point the shots sent in the opposite camp
  • Box contents: 4 grids to slide into the corners of the support, 20 magnets, 2 grids, 2 markers, 2 compartments
  • Age: 5 to 12 years old
  • Dimensions: L 30 cm x D 4 cm x H 22 cm
  • Recommended age range: 5 to 12 years old

Our opinion :
A basic game that allows children (and older children) to use their skills as strategic strategists! 100% French origin, made in the Jura, Janod brand toys continue to conquer the hearts of many children and their parents. The Janod brand is known for its wooden toys, but also its puzzles, board games, imitation, construction, awakening games …

More info on the naval battle of Janod (free delivery according to the site)

Explore: adventure and imitation games

Dreaming photography: digital camera for children – VTECH

Capturing moments, retouching photos like mom and dad, having them developed: children's cameras are very successful, and this new product is one of them. The Vtech camera is suitable from the age of 5. Design and multifunction, this toy allows you to introduce the child to photography, to put on the gift list …

Characteristics :

  • Large color screen: 2.4 inch
  • Resolution: 5 megapixels
  • Zoom x 4
  • Micro SD card slot (sold separately)
  • Internal memory: 1000 photos
  • Parental controls for games
  • Functions : face detection, dual lens, 70 effects and special effects, automatic flash, self-timer, 5 games with sound effects, rotating ring to place a color filter, microphone
  • Included in the box: Hand strap, USB cable (MAC and PC compatible), headphones

Our opinion :
Add animations, a frame, stamps, make films, take selfies, listen to your favorite music, record your voice … a favorite that children never let go of their hands! The device follows your child for years, over the holidays and at every birthday party. A gift idea that always pleases, to complete with the bag matching the Vtech device, in blue or pink!

More info on Vtech's Kizidoom Duo camera

Go on a secret mission: Walkie-Talkies – RETEVIS

Impossible mission ? Not with walkie talkies! Big trend this year, the walkie-talkie is making its come back in fashionable games for our children. When camping, for secret agent missions or outdoor picnics, the set of 2 Retevis walkie-talkies are number one in sales for this product category.

Characteristics :

  • Complies with European safety standards
  • Communication between 2 or more people
  • Impeccable sound quality without interference
  • Product functions : flashlight, lock of selected parameters, confidential codes, 10 call tones, adjustable volume
  • Number of channels: 8

Our opinion :
The game to use anywhere: talk with the child from a distance, imagine treasure hunts outside, dream of being a secret agent, police officer, or rescuer: the Tekosy walkie-talkie is available in several colors, and at this price, we do not hesitate!
There is a version of the Disney brand for children who love Frozen: Disney Walkie Talkie – Frozen

More info on Retevis Walkie Talkies

Developing your senses: creative and artistic hobbies

Sing like a star: Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone – TEKOSY

Dance and sing like a star? At six, it is the age of shows in the middle of the living room and choreography worthy of the stars of the song. This colorful Tekosy karaoke microphone will take the whole family to frenzied evenings. A first immersion in role-playing games and an original gift for Christmas or for a birthday.

Characteristics :

  • Output power: 5W
  • Portable wireless microphone
  • 5 sound modes to change voice: original sound, children's voice, female voice, male voice, old male voice
  • Multicolored LED lights
  • Professional audio processor and tuning system,
  • Reverb mode: better sound quality
  • 3.5mm audio jack
  • Bluetooth connection: distance up to 10 meters
  • Compatible with Android, iOS, PC, MAC, and all singing apps (Karaoke, Sing Karaoke, StarMaker, Smule, The Voice, Voloco …)

Our opinion :
A Christmas or birthday gift idea that is always a pleasure: this microphone is an opportunity to imagine concerts and shows when friends come home … A solid and resistant product, even in the event of a fall .

More info on the Tekosy karaoke microphone (free delivery on Amazon, receive the gift in 2/3 days)

Creative box: Kit Ma Valise à Couture – MAISON ROTY

Maison Roty is a French brand of children's games: designed with care and quality, this sewing set will appeal to meticulous girls and boys who love artistic activities. Looms and sewing are toys that help develop precision and patience: little girls and boys will be won over, the sewing trend also affects children!


  • Suitcase-shaped box for storing equipment and parts
  • A first introduction to begin sewing
  • 21 accessories: yarn and knitting needles, balls of yarn, guides and pair of scissors
  • Included in the box: explanatory book to get started, sewing pieces

Our opinion :
An ideal kit to develop the creative spirit and the skill of children: little boy or girl, sewing has no gender, and will appeal to any child curious to discover a manual activity. A beautiful designer case and all the quality of Maison Roty!

More info on Maison Roty's Couture Suitcase

Learn: educational and learning games

Learn to Read: Educational Reading Game – NATHAN

The I'm learning to read game by Nathan is suitable for children from 6 years old about to learn to read or in the process of integrating the basics of writing. An educational and fun activity idea, at a low price!

Characteristics :

  • Goal of the game : compose up to 90 different words by placing the pieces on the boards. If the letter fits together, it's good!
  • Independent play : self-correction allows the child to assimilate the words and correct potential errors
  • Practical and transportable case anywhere outside the house
  • The box contains : 15 plates, 90 possible words of 5 letters maximum
  • Game designed in accordance with the school curriculum

Our opinion :
From the big section of kindergarten and the start of the first grade, this educational game allows you to revise your knowledge or discover words and reading while having fun. Self-correction by placing parts and accessories on the boards is designed so that the child learns on his own the mechanism of syllables and basic words. A low-cost purchase that will be used throughout learning to read.

More info on I'm learning to read from Nathan on amazon

Discover: Threatened Animals Puzzle – JANOD

Janod also offers educational toys, especially with themed puzzles. This set makes it possible to sensitize the child to the protection of fauna: the puzzle represents the world map, where the child places the various endangered animal species. A great way to learn about geography and endangered animals. A great idea for a Christmas gift or for a birthday surprise if the child is passionate about nature.

Characteristics :

  • World map: 200 accessories to assemble
  • 50 animal figurines to place: each piece has the name of the animal species
  • Educational book: discovery of wild species and the reasons for their extinction
  • Poster of the world map to display in the house

Our opinion :
A nice quality toy and made in France : this puzzle introduces boys and girls to geography and makes them aware of environmental protection. Janod is one of the first brands of games made in France, among the most appreciated for the finesse of its products.

More info on the Janod educational puzzle on the Cmonpremier website

Tips: what toys to give for a 6 year old child?

What construction games for a 6 year old boy or girl?

A construction game appeals as much at the age of 6 as it does to 12. Assemble, manufacture, fit the parts, make your first model … so many possibilities thanks to construction games.

Here are our ideas to add to the gift shopping list:

> LEGO – Deluxe Brick Box, Building Set (Free Shipping Fulfilled by Amazon)
> LEGO Super Mario, interactive LEGO construction set (on Amazon and in Lego stores)
> LEGO City – mobile command post (set available in store and on Amazon)
> Meccano – Deluxe fire truck construction set (box shipped in 2 to 3 days)

What board games at the age of 6?

From the age of 5, little boys and girls are able to understand more elaborate rules of the game: this is the ideal age to offer a board game.

Our selection of board games for children aged 6:
> UNO the card game, from 6 years old (around € 8.00 depending on the store)
> Asmodee Chabyrintnhe board game 6 years and over, from 1 to 4 players, box shipped by amazon. Great success for this game, being part of the top game buys, rated 4.5 stars / 5.
> SmartGames IQ Fit board games (rated 5/5 stars on amazon)

What ideas for buying creative games at 6?

Creative hobbies are top games for 6 year olds : at this age, skill and precision are refined, the child is capable of a certain dexterity and more patience. This is the perfect time to buy a coloring book and any other crafting, weaving or painting kit.

Creative hobbies at low cost:

> Coloring book of masks, Avenue Mandarine
> Ravensburger mandala book, mini unicorn, ravensburger
> Blopens fairy-tale activities blowing felts, Lansay

Medium-priced creative hobbies:

> Cushion to decorate and customize MGM, (from 6 years old, box shipped in 3 days on Amazon)
> Creative leisure box of modeling sand, Goliath (from € 59.00 on amazon)
> Nebulous Star luminous drawing pad
> Solid wood art easel, Melissa & Doug

What games to take in the car at 6 years old?

Long car journeys and patience are not friends, but fortunately, several brands have declined the most famous games in nomadic and travel formats.

Here is a list of take-a-car game ideas for 6-year-olds:

> Set of 4 take-away board games, Point Games (checkers pieces, tic tac toe, chess …)
> Book 100 games for fun in the car (shipped by amazon, € 9.99)
Travel game board (markers, coloring pages, nomad activity table and game pieces)