Sending Western troops to Ukraine: “Irresponsible and counterproductive comments” persists Manuel Bompard

Emmanuel Macron signs and persists. Two weeks after having raised the idea of ​​sending Western troops to Ukraine if the situation required it, the head of state continues to develop his idea, this time in the columns of the newspaper The Parisian. “Our duty is to prepare for all scenarios,” he said. These comments, however, sparked an outcry from the Allies of France and Ukraine, with most heads of state categorically disapproving of the President of the Republic’s statements.

A judgment on which La France insoumise also persists. “Basically, I think his comments are irresponsible and counterproductive,” judges Manuel Bompard on the set of the Grand Rendez-vous Europe 1/ CNews/ The echoes.

“It removed the strategic ambiguity”

“It’s counterproductive because the President of the Republic was in a way claiming, that’s the term he used, to want to create strategic ambiguity and make Vladimir Putin insecure. The result that was produced was the exact opposite result, since you have almost all the countries of the European Union and all the countries of NATO who said: ‘There is no question of us sending troops to the ground in Ukraine'”, continues the coordinator of La France insoumise.

“In fact, rather than creating strategic ambiguity, it removed strategic ambiguity. And if there is anyone who has rendered an immense service to Vladimir Putin, it is the President of the French Republic, since it showed the division of the European Union, the division of NATO on this subject”, adds the MP for Bouches-du-Rhône.

The path of negotiation as the only way out of the conflict?

Since the start of the conflict, La France insoumise has called for negotiations to settle the war between Ukraine and Russia. A position often judged to play into the hands of the Kremlin, while Russia occupies nearly 17% of Ukrainian territory. “Partisans of peace are caricatured as supposedly supporters of defeat. However, I want to inform Mr. Macron that there are not only two choices,” he insists.

Before concluding: “We are not condemned to choose between letting Russia win, seizing Ukraine and waging nuclear war. Fortunately, in fact, when we are responsible, we accept that there are other possibilities, in particular the path that we defend, which is the path of diplomacy, which is the path of negotiation, which is the path of mediation to ensure that this conflict stops as quickly as possible”, concludes Manuel Bompard.

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