Sex tips for women over 50


Do not give up sex – even if it has changed. Our sex tips for women over 50 years old help to keep having fun in bed.

The lust for sex never stops – even beyond the 50 not. The needs are changing. But not all women diverge. 

Simply writing it off is not a solution. Do you have fun in bed – our little sex tips for women should help. We asked experts who are familiar with sex in old age. Sex coach Vanessa del Rae advises women on how to restore a fulfilled sexuality in the second half of life. 

This is also the job of Hedy Fuch-Waldheer , who gives talks and seminars about love and lust in old age.


Sex in old age: sex tips for women over 50

When men’s hormones change through menopause, many are less likely to have sex . Nevertheless, women usually remain excitable after menopause. 

Men have greater difficulty getting and maintaining an erection because of lower testosterone. Therefore, the prelude is more important for both. Vanessa del Rae advises Paaren: “Partners should not stop surprising each other, visit unusual places and talk openly about their wishes and fantasies.” 

And leave the performance and time pressure to the younger ones.


After menopause, many women suffer from vaginal dryness. This makes it harder to get aroused. This can be very painful during sex. How daunting, if the answer would not be so easy. Just use lubricating cream. This will put you under pressure and allow you to enjoy sex. 

Be honest and discuss this with your partner – then you do not have to be uncomfortable. “It does not matter if the vagina is dry or not, sliding creams definitely increase the feeling of pleasure for both women and men”, Hedy Fuchs-Waldherr also recommends.

Kristy Stahlberg of Fun Factory, a brand for sex toys, specifically advises: “When choosing the right lubricant, it is important to remember that it does not contain any ingredients, such as alcohol, that can affect the vaginal flora. Water-based fluids should be used, and for a fulfilling love life with the partner, the choice can also be made on silicon-based lubricants. “


Sex in old age: sex tips for women over 50

Make fulfilled sex not only dependent on your partner. Sex coach Hedy Fuchs-Waldherr gets to know a lot of women in her seminars, who know little about her own body and her lust. With vibrators you can get to know yourself anew. And in a relationship, your partner benefits as well. After all, how is he supposed to know what you love when you have not discovered yourself? 

The finger vibrator, for example from, is a good toy to find out where you are really excitable.

Sex in old age: sex tips for women over 50

In order to train your pelvic floor, you can use soapy love balls and thus move around in everyday life. Hedy Fuchs-Waldherr comments: “The love balls automatically tempt the muscles in the vagina to relax, let go and tension, which brings back the strength.”

Sex in old age: sex tips for women over 50

When men suffer from erectile dysfunction, vibrators can help couples. Like this one from Fun Factory . Simply incorporate them into lovemaking and thus reduce the pressure to perform. “Love Toys are an excellent alternative for couples. So the man does not always have to spoil his partner with his hands or his tongue,” emphasizes Vanessa del Rae.

sex positions

First of all – to do gymnastics in the Kamasutra does not promise sexual fulfillment for a long time. If you find one or the other sexual intercourse painful, dare to speak to them and try things you have not done before.

Vanessa del Rae adds: “If the joints have become less agile or sensitive to pain, I recommend positions in which both partners are lying, and those in which neither the legs spread nor the joints must be twisted Side position, the spoon position or the Budapest leg scissors, the pair lie in front of each other, a modified version of the missionary position in which the woman lies on a table – padded, of course – and the man in front of her is gentle to both. “