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Since the death of her father Jean-Pierre Pernaut, Lou has been heavily criticized on social networks. His mother, Nathalie Marquay has just come to his defense.

Jean-Pierre Pernaut, the emblematic presenter of the JT of TF1 died on March 2, 2022, leaving behind his wife Nathalie Marquay but also his 4 children, Julia, Olivier and the two youngest Tom and Lou. Since the death of her father, the latter has been trying to hold her head high in front of her subscribers and continues to give news of her life on her Instagram account or on TikTok, but for the past two months she has been the subject of numerous criticisms. In effect, Internet users accuse him of doing too well despite the death of his father and not to be so bereaved.

Faced with this, Nathalie Marquay came to the defense of her daughter in an interview for Cine Télé Revue.Believe me, when she’s in her room, she cries a lot, she confided before adding: “Each person reacts differently. Afterwards, I can understand that people, from the outside, wonder how she can appear laughing on Instagram. It’s her way of managing it”. The former beauty queen then revealed: She is deeply saddened. As soon as she closes her smartphone, she is not well. I pick it up with a spoon.”

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Lou Pernaut’s reaction to criticism

On April 2, Lou Pernaut had already ranted against the critics on his Instagram account. She had thus responded to a message she had received from a subscriber who had written to her “It’s good, you don’t seem to suffer too much from the loss of your father”affirming : “This is the last time I tolerate this kind of remarks. displaced”.

“I receive this type of message almost every day and I would like you to understand that what I show you on the network is not necessarily what I feel in real life”she then explained before adding: “Send me this kind of message only complicates my mourning and I would ask you not to send me any more from now on because it really hurts me (…) You know very well that this subject makes me suffer”.

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