She doesn’t realize she’s in labor and gives birth at a gas station (video)

As they stopped for a break at a gas station, this couple didn’t expect what was going to happen. 9 months pregnant, Kaitlyn Fullerton gave birth in the toilet.

This Sunday, July 11, while returning from a trip to Houston, Texas, Kaitlyn Fullerton, 22 years old and 9 months pregnant, received an unexpected surprise.

As she was on the way home, in the company of her husband, Sergio, she suddenly needed to go to the bathroom and asked her companion to stop at the next rest area.

A big surprise

But only moments after closing the door, Kaitlyn realized that something was wrong… She was giving birth, alone, standing in the toilet of a gas station. According to the young woman, everything happened very quickly.

“I was up all the time”, said the young woman. “First I felt his head and then right away he came out. I grabbed him and hugged him.” she explained to Fox 26.
A few seconds later, someone came to his aid.

For his part, Sergio, who was quietly waiting for his wife near the car, absolutely did not expect what he was going to learn.
“I looked up, I saw a woman say ‘Hey, your wife just gave birth'”, he said. “I was like ‘WHAT ??’”
In shock, the Sergio quickly joined the mother, not failing to film this memorable meeting.
On TikTok, the video, shared the next day, quickly went viral. The young dad then said:

“Never in my life would I have expected something like this, It’s a crazy story to tell my children one day. Give birth to my wife in a gas station !! I never would have imagined that. “

The little boy is called Callihan and weighs 3.3kg.

Of course, the fact that Kaitlyn is a professional nurse certainly helped. While she reacted mainly on instinct, her medical training was a definite bonus. Sergio says it himself, Kaitlyn is a real “Super Woman”.

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