She throws a pen at a student, this teacher is the subject of a complaint

Last Thursday, October 5, a teacher at a primary school in Tarn threw a pen at one of her dissipated students. Following this action, she was summoned to the gendarmerie after the student’s parents decided to file a complaint.

It was at the Victor Hugo primary school in Graulhet that the events took place, as reported by La Dépêche, specifying that they date back to Thursday October 5. While she was in charge of a class, the students were quite dissipated and had fun throwing gum at each other. The teacher then reprimanded one of them, who replied: “I don’t throw it away, I pass it on to my boyfriend”.

Considering her student’s response, the teacher wanted to show him the difference between throwing and passing, and then threw a pen in his direction. The object bounced off the desk and then hit the student’s glasses. No injuries were noted, nor any material damage. That said, the child’s parents decided to file a complaint following this gesture after their son told them what happened.

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The teacher was summoned to the police station

Thomas Verdier, departmental co-secretary of FSU-SNUipp, was keen to speak on the subject: “Summoned to the gendarmerie, during this hearing we will take the fingerprints and DNA of our colleagueas for a delinquent”, did he declare. Following the turn of this case, the teacher requested functional protection, which was granted to her.

On Friday, November 17, she was received in the company of two union representatives by the academic director of Tarn, Marie-Claire Duprat. The meeting took place at the headquarters of the Directorate of Departmental Services of National Education (DSDEN) in Albi. Following this, the teacher felt unwell and was taken to hospital by firefighters. She was able to leave the emergency room after an examination and was placed on sick leave until the end of the week. The FSU-SNUipp union, for its part, denounces a lack of support from the academy in this matter.


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