SHEIN x The All Sizes Catwalk, for more inclusive fashion

For its new online campaign, the SHEIN e-shop is collaborating with The All Sizes Catwalk for a shoot with 8 models with unique profiles in order to relax and promote diversity.

Just like fashion magazines, e-shops are also open to diversity! This is the case with SHEIN, which decided this season to partner with The All Sizes Catwalk collective to bring more inclusiveness to its online campaigns. For this unprecedented shoot, 8 models with unique profiles took the pose in order to uninhibit the clients. By representing all ages, all body types and personalities, SHEIN wishes to highlight women and help them gain self-confidence. Successful bet ! The pictures could not be more inspiring …

An uninhibited campaign

On the program of this uninhibited campaign? Elegant, colorful, sporty looks, but above all positivity! Just looking at them, these photos do good and immediately make us smile. And for good reason, The All Sizes Catwalk is above all a benevolent movement that advocates equality, regardless of age, body type, skin color and culture. With this unique and positive collaboration, the SHEIN brand can be proud of itself!

The All Sizes Catwalk: In Paris, 100 women parade in their underwear to relax us

Video by Shawna Montout

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