“Shogun”: Successful series is being extended for two seasons

Successful series is being extended for two seasons

Hiroyuki Sanada as Lord Yoshii Toranaga in Shogun.

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“Shogun” continues. The successful series is being extended for two seasons, although it was originally intended as a miniseries.

Good news for fans of the drama series “Shogun”: the saga continues. The successful series will be extended with two more seasons, as Disney+ announced on Friday (May 17th).

However, it is still unclear when exactly fans can expect the sequel. A concrete schedule is still pending. However, a team of authors is being put together and will begin work this summer. The showrunner is Justin Marks, who developed the series with Rachel Kondo.

“Shogun” was produced by the US broadcaster FX and is available in Germany on the Disney+ streaming service. The first season ended on April 23rd with the tenth episode. According to the announcement, “Shogun” is the most-watched FX series to date in terms of hours streamed. The first season was met with great enthusiasm by viewers and critics. On the The saga received a whopping 99 percent positive reviews on the Rotten Tomatoes collection site and also convinced 90 percent of the audience. That could be the reason for the sequel, because “Shogun” was actually supposed to be a miniseries.

That’s what “Shogun” is about

“Shogun” is based on the novel of the same name by James Clavell (1921 – 1994) and takes place in medieval Japan at the beginning of a centuries-long civil war. Lord Yoshii Toranaga (Hiroyuki Sanada. 63) fights for his life after his enemies gang up on him. The English sailor John Blackthorne (Cosmo Jarvis, 34) strands his ship in a nearby fishing village. He has secrets that can help Toranaga win. Meanwhile, Blackthorne has to contend with enemies of his own. The translator Toda Mariko (Anna Sawai, 31) mediates between him and the Lord.


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