Shy'm pregnant and worried, her fans give her advice

On social media, Shy'm shares her joys and worries about her very first pregnancy. She can count on the support of her fans, who reassure her as much as possible.

Week after week, Shy'm's due date is approaching. Indeed, it was last October that the singer revealed to be pregnant with her first child, a little boy. As the months go by and her stomach getting more and more rounded, the young woman is approaching the end.

The one who shares all the stages of her pregnancy with her fans does not refrain from also discussing her doubts and concerns. As the due date looms, the singer is asking new questions. Like many new mothers, she thinks about her child's first days, and wonders whether or not she will breastfeed, as she wrote in her last two Instagram posts. "When you have conflicting plans", where she unveils a painting showing a nursing mother, accompanied by a video of a woman drinking a huge glass of wine.


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Kind advice

In comments, several fans of Shy'm went there with their little advice: "We can breastfeed and have a drink from time to time as long as it is just after the feed, wait at least 2 hours before the next one", can we read, or "Breastfeeding is possible when you have a drink. And no need to wait or express and throw out your milk". Remarks to which the singer responded with a second publication. This time, she reveals photos of her showing her in full doubt, with the following caption: "When I read all your coms:" No but it's not incompatible with breastfeeding, you can totally have a drink from time to time "" Thanks for trying to tell me cheer up moms ".


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