Signals ignored – driver (88) killed in crash with regional train

A retired couple collided with a regional train on the national holiday on an unbarred level crossing in Ebensee in Upper Austria. The 88-year-old driver is likely to have ignored the whistle signals. He suffered fatal injuries and his wife (86) was seriously injured.

The 88-year-old from Ebensee drove with his wife (86) in the passenger seat at around 3 p.m. in his car on Roitherstrasse towards the town. At an open level crossing, he stopped in front of the stop line. At the same time, a regional train was approaching, driven by a 49-year-old from Bad Ischl.

150 passengers
According to witnesses, the pensioner suddenly drove onto the tracks immediately in front of the train, which was still whistling. The engine driver initiated an emergency stop, but was no longer able to prevent the collision. The car was dragged around 80 meters. Attempts to resuscitate the 88-year-old were unsuccessful, he died at the scene of the accident. His seriously injured wife was flown to the Wels Clinic. The approximately 150 train passengers were uninjured.

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