“Silence is the weapon of these bastards”: Nagui delivers a powerful message about abused children: Femme Actuelle Le MAG

Known for his outspokenness, Nagui never hesitates to use his notoriety to defend causes that are dear to him. As a reminder, the host of France 2 has been committed to the protection of animals for many years. Tuesday March 5, 2024, the presenter of Do not forget the lyrics took advantage of his airtime to launch a big rant against child abuse. During the second number broadcast that day on France 2, one of the candidates in the musical game had the choice between two songs by Barbara. She finally decided to perform her iconic hit called The black Eagle. But before the musicians of the show launch the first notes of this title, the host took advantage of the message present in the lyrics of this song to recall the number of Hello childhood in danger [119]which also appeared on the screen. “Always have this phone number, kids, if anyone lays a hand on you. If you disagree. If he or she touches you. If he or she manipulates you. If he or she does violence”launched Nagui.

Nagui on people guilty of child abuse: “He Don’t let them do it.”

“119 is here to listen to you. Don’t forget that silence is the weapon of these bastards and these predators. And we must not let them do it. Barbara wrote about it in her book. She recounted what she had suffered. And this song is a distant memory that comes back. I won’t say any more.”, then added the presenter. For the record, Barbara was the victim of her father’s incestuous behavior during her childhood. He first abused her when she was just 10 and a half years old. Unfortunately for the singer, no one had denounced the incest of which she was the target within her own family. “One evening, in Tarbes, my world turns into horror. I am ten and a half years old. Children are silent because we refuse to believe them. Because we suspect them of fabricatingshe wrote in her memoirs, which however remained unfinished following her death in 1997.

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