Singer Hoshi raises the tone with Fabien Lecoeuvre


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Fabien Leceuvre who had violently criticized the physique of the singer last April, again mentioned the incident on TPMP.

Present on the Touche Pas à Mon Poste set on October 20, for the promotion of his book The true story of Jean-Jacques Goldman’s songs, Fabien Leceuvre returned to his comments on Hoshi. Guest of the Arts-Mada webradio last April, the columnist attacked the young singer. Regretting the absence according to him of “handsome guys” and of “sublime girls” in the French song, he had called Hoshi “frightening”. He then added “I have nothing against this girl who is great and who has talent (…) but who gives her songs to sublime girls.” Following these words, the singer and many artists and Internet users were indignant.

On a promotional tour, the writer once again mentioned this incident, denouncing his instrumentalization on the set of TPMP, a sequence relayed on social networks. Faced with this new intervention, the 25-year-old singer reacted strongly via a tweet and asked Fabien Leceuvre to no longer talk about his physique. She would like the writer to continue his promotion without mentioning his “skid”.

“All of this has been instrumentalized”

During his visit, the specialist in French song returned to the death threats that followed his words. He also denounced a controversy that would have been “Instrumentalised”. On the events that followed, Fabien Leceuvre evokes a “Refusal of dialogue” before admitting he hadn’t tried calling her because of a “blockade” of the singer and her manager.

Interviewed by TeleStar on October 14, he regretted the lack of dialogue and felt that she could have called him. At the time of the controversy, he had already tried to apologize in response to the singer’s tweet. He was talking about his words “Clumsy” and “Taken out of context”. “I was simply relating a difference from the time when record companies and audiences paid much more attention to the physical aspects of artists than today ”, he wrote. An apology always focused on the physique of the singer who had retorted that it was because of people like him that “Young people give up their dream”.

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