Skyrim “destroyed” by Bethesda, players are fed up!

It happens very rarely, but for once, players are begging the developers to stop updating the game. Skyrim no longer needs Bethesda to exist!

Skyrim, released in 2011, is a video game classic today. A true standard of RPG, AAAs like Starfield released in 2023 are still compared to this already 13-year-old software. However, even after so many years, The Elder Scrolls V retains a certain community. The latter maintains and maintains life. Bethesda does the same with regular updates. It must be said that it would be stupid to let go of a work with such aura and potential. But maybe the studio isn’t doing this for the right reasons. At least that’s what the players point out. They are fed up with the updates and are even begging the studio to stop!

Updates that bother Skyrim players

As with many other single-player games that have enormous longevity, what keeps the community alive are the mods. Skyrim is far from escaping this observation and is even one of the most fond of it. The number of mods for the famous RPG is absolutely colossal and new ones are regularly created by players. However, with every update from Bethesda, all Dragonborn have to wait for their favorite changes to be made compatible with the new version. This may take a while when there are hundreds installed, or may never happen at all. On Reddit, many state that the updates “ destroy » Skyrim by ruining the gaming experience in addition to existing for very bad reasons.

Why is Skyrim still updated so much?

Indeed, these updates do not bring any additional content into the game. If this were the case, the update would obviously be welcomed with joy. On this subject, Reddit user IshayuG has this to say: “For example, if we had a third expansion I would take a look at it, but that’s not the case. Updates don’t fix anything, they don’t improve anything, they don’t do anything except refresh the store ».

These updates only contain small paid mods “that no one asked”. adds the user. As a result, many Internet users accuse Bethesda of only updating the game to make a few more bucks at the expense of players. On Reddit, Current_Interview_33 even calls Skyrim a “Bethesda Cash Cow” It’s rare to see the community ask developers to leave the game alone, but it’s more than understandable in this case. Players themselves keep Skyrim alive and see the game as a veritable sandbox for mods.

There’s only one thing left for concerned dragonborns to do: turn off automatic updates. Some Reddit users are also talking about the possibility of reverting to previous versions of the game: “I hope that one day it will be possible to go back to the old versions”. This is a real update that could please the Skyrim community.

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