Slowly but surely, the National Rally is capturing the legacy of the RPR

Alexandre Chauveau // Photo credits: Alain JOCARD / AFP

The National Rally is organizing “general states of immigration” on Tuesday evening in Paris, an assumed reference to a conference of the same name launched by the RPR in 1990. Through this, the party with the flame intends to seduce part of the electorate right-wing, pushing to show that its program is inspired by the republican movement.

The takeover attempt on the right is accepted. The National Rally organized its “general states of immigration” on Tuesday evening in Paris, an assumed reference to the conference of the same name, launched by the RPR (Rassemblement pour la République) in 1990. At the time, Jacques Chirac’s party proposed in particular to reserve social benefits for nationals only, the closure of borders or even the abolition of family reunification.

For the RN, it is clearly a question of trying to embody the new great popular party on the right. By adopting the conclusions of the 1990 RPR on immigration, the far-right party is pursuing a triple objective. First, it shows that its program is republican, since it was defended 30 years ago by Charles Pasqua or Philippe Seguin. The RN then highlights the supposed betrayals of the RPR then the UMP, accused of not having kept their promises.

“Do not scatter your voices”

Finally, Jordan Bardella, president of the party, affirms his desire to impose hegemony on the right. “Patriotic voters: whether you voted for LR, Zemmour, or the patriotic left, do not scatter your votes, because time is running out and victory is close” he proclaimed during these “general states of immigration “.

The National Rally also bought the RPR domain name two years ago. This takeover is symbolic and was of concern in view of the party’s anti-Gaullist past. No matter, the RN today wants to demonstrate its ability to bring people together. Like the essayist Malika Sorel, new number 2 on Jordan Bardella’s list for the European elections, present on stage Tuesday evening.

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