Smoke poisoning – father and daughter injured in apartment fire

A candle started a dangerous fire in the bedroom of an apartment in Linz. A ceiling had burst into flames. When the family of four became aware of the fire, the father (52) immediately tried to contain the fire with a fire extinguisher – unfortunately unsuccessfully. He and his daughter (18) had to be taken to hospital with suspected smoke poisoning.

The emergency services from the Linz professional fire department and the St. Magdalena volunteer fire department were alerted to a fire in a room on the 1st floor of a house on Leonfeldner Straße on Wednesday evening around 6:26 p.m. Police officers were already on site and had broken down the entrance door because it was initially unclear whether there are still people in the affected apartment. However, the all-clear was quickly given in this regard. Thick smoke came from the apartment. Attempts to extinguish the fire started by the father of the family (52) were unsuccessful. The fire continued to spread and the adjacent stairwell was also full of smoke. However, the emergency services were able to quickly take effective measures to make the escape route smoke-free for the remaining 13 parties in the house and to carry out extinguishing work. These were efficient. The fire was quickly brought under control and extinguished, but the damage to property was significant. The father and his 18-year-old daughter had to be looked after by employees of the Linz Workers’ Samaritan Association with suspected smoke poisoning and then transported to the Elisabethin Hospital.
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