Solothurn: Hacker attack completely paralyzes Pallas private clinic

Blick reader Armin W. * looked puzzled. He was walking to the Pallas Clinic in Solothurn on Thursday when he was told he had to turn back. The employees of the eye and beauty clinic no longer had access to their IT systems, including the patient data. W. could not be contacted by phone either, because this system had also been paralyzed. The Pallas Clinic was the victim of a major hacker attack.

Spokeswoman Daliah Kremer confirmed this to Blick. “Last night there was a cyber attack on the IT system of the Pallas clinics. As a result, parts of the IT system were encrypted and no longer accessible to us. ” As a result, patient data could no longer be accessed. However, these have not been compromised. They are now working with external and internal experts to find a solution.