Sony offers discounts for PlayStation fans: You can now buy these subscriptions cheaper


With PS Plus you choose between different subscription models. Sony wants to make your decision easier and is offering a discount on these subscriptions for a short time.

There are several subscription variants for PS Plus. (Source: Screenshot Sony)

  • PS Plus Extra currently costs as much as an Essential tariff.
  • Upgrades to Extra or Premium are 33 percent cheaper.
  • The discounts are valid until February 11th.

There used to be just one PS Plus model, but Sony has now broken down the online service into Essential, Extra and Premium tariffs.

Now there are special discounts until February 11, 2024, which Sony announced in a press release. During this time you get an extra twelve-month subscription for the price of an Essential tariff. You then only pay 72 euros instead of 126 euros and thus save 40 percent.

If you already have a PlayStation Plus subscription, you can also save money. If you upgrade your Essential subscription to an extra subscription for one year, you save 33 percent. The price of switching from Extra to Premium is also reduced by 33 percent.

You can get a month of PS Plus Essential for just 9 euros and get online multiplayer, cloud storage and monthly changing free games for PS4 and PS5. With Extra and Premium you also get access to even more free games, including PlayStation classics.

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