Sony wants to shake up virtual reality with Playstation VR 2 according to new patent

Last week we learned some new details about PlayStation VR2, the next generation virtual reality headset that will soon arrive on PS5. The Japanese firm has unveiled some rather interesting technical details but, for now, there is no price or release date.

However, a patent gives clues to the degree of innovation of the device. According to Gamer , Sony submitted a patent that would scan real world elements and objects to generate them as virtual objects with 360º use, and be able to interact with them in games. The image below should be meaningful enough.

As always when we talk about patents, that does not mean that it has to happen. Businesses often protect these ideas and technologies in case, in the future, they decide to implement them.

So far we have only seen PSVR2 that Horizon Call of the Mountain , a VR spin-off from the world of Aloy. But there are rumors that a port of Half-Life Alyx could happen, which would be great news for the device.

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