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Not everyone has the same sense of humor, and Sophie Tapie doesn’t seem to have that of Lisa Delmoitiez. Indeed, on the occasion of the new Netflix series, a biopic entitled Tapiethe comedian produced his column broadcast on France Inter on the subject, Friday September 12, 2023, starting as follows: “It’s crazy how criminals fascinate me.” She then continued by saying she wanted to find out “to what extent Tapie assumed his love of moula”. Words that absolutely did not please to the politician’s daughter. She spoke on Instagram on Saturday September 23, 2023. “Calling my father a criminal and comparing him to the fictional character Tony Montana, knowing that he plays a murderer… all this in a soporific column meant to make people laugh? We don’t share the same humor apparently Lisa Delmoitiez” she wrote in the story.

A series that makes you react

Available on Netflix since September 12, 2023, the series Tapie has been talked about a lot. The businessman’s family, in particular, commented on the biopic. “I haven’t slept for three nights. It’s very disturbing. Laurent Lafitte was able to take on Bernard’s attitudes and intonations.” had confided Dominique Tapie, the wife of the deceased politician, to GalaWednesday September 20, 2023. “All the actors play very well” before specifying. “No amalgamation, it remains a fiction. They started from real facts and embroidered around them. All of my husband’s faults are described in excess” did she say. Despite everything, she admitted that the director, Tristan Séguéla, had succeeded in highlighting the romantic side of her couple. “I appreciated that he then came to me to explain his approach and that things calmed down” she explained. The series recounts in seven episodes the difficulties of Bernard Tapie to create his business, his attempts as a singer, as well as the way in which he made his business grow. If it is part of the Top 10 series on the platform, its production does not necessarily please those close to the person concerned.

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