Sort out the wardrobe: You should keep these parts

You used the time to finally clear out your closet again. Perfect – it just has to be every now and then. However, there are a few treasures that you simply should never sort out.

Basic blazer

If you have a simple, black blazer in the closet – then for God's sake let it hang there !!! Because the blazer experiences so many ups and downs, it would definitely be a mistake to sort it out. Best of all are slightly longer blazers. We wear them super casually with a waist belt or simply open with a statement shirt.

Coat all-rounder

A timeless coat is always good to have. For example a classic trench coat. You can wear it excellently in spring and autumn – and even if it hangs in the far corner for one season, you can get it out with 100% certainty. We currently love the trench coats again – and wear them with just about anything. Even a classic wool coat is never wrong in the closet. So: keep it!

Classic knit

Knitted sweaters never go out of style. However, if you just have too many, be sure to keep the colors you wear the most. These are probably beige, white, black – but if you wear pink in particular, then keep the pink knitted sweater. Then you are on the safe side and do not get annoyed afterwards.

Everyday sneakers

No matter how many shoes you have. A couple of comfortable sneakers that you would wear every day should definitely stay there. In principle, the color does not matter, the main thing is that you can combine it with the contents of your wardrobe in a variety of ways. White sneakers are a must-have for most, but they can also be more unusual models. It depends on your taste!

Dress for every season

There are parts in our closet that we can only wear in summer or only in winter. But if you have a dress that fits in every season, keep it definitely! Because such an all-rounder really needs each of us. So think twice if you could style the dress with tights, boots, sandals or an autumn coat.

White blouse

Yes, we will never get rid of white blouses. And that's just as well. Therefore, you should never sort out a white blouse, regardless of whether it has puffed sleeves, frills or no special details. Because you will wear them again sometime, we promise you!