Spatium M480 Play: a version of MSI’s excellent SSD adapted to the PS5

We had tested MSI’s M.2 Spatium M480 SSD, which had reached the top of our table, and now the manufacturer is back with a thinner version, this time compatible with the PS5: the Spatium M480 Play.

MSI is gradually expanding its catalog of computer products often intended for gamers, and it is this time for fans of the PlayStation 5 that it is aimed more particularly. With the Spatium M480, the manufacturer had succeeded in developing a high-performance high-end M.2 SSD which, however, had to be infatuated with a huge heat sink, making any installation in a PS5 impossible.

The brand is correcting the situation with the Spatium M480 Play with a revisited design. With a finer heatsink, it can now be placed in the Sony console to increase storage. The SSD is of course also PC compatible, in case you prefer its more sober design to that of the original model.

Available in capacities ranging from 500 GB to 4 TB, we expect a fairly high price for this premium SSD, but also very fast write and read speeds of 5.5 GB / s and 7 GB / s respectively. s. Be careful however, the 500 GB model is given for slower speeds, at 2.85 GB/s in writing and 6.5 GB/s in reading. We will check all this in a full test very soon.

The series, guaranteed for five years, will be available in April. On the price side, the manufacturer indicates that the 1 TB version will be offered at 189 € but does not advance on the other capacities. An introductory price slightly higher than that currently practiced on the classic M480 series (approximately €165 for the 1 TB version).

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