special offer with bonus up to 240 euros for new customers

The countdown is on. For 48 hours only, Monabanq is launching an exclusive offer: up to 240 euros bonus for any account opening on April 2 and 3. Discover the details of this limited offer and the advantages of the current account plans offered.

If you are considering opening an account with Monabanq while enjoying a generous welcome bonus, now is the time to act. From April 2 to 3 exclusively, the online bank rewards its new customers with a bonus of up to up to 240 euros for any first bank account opening. This offer is divided into three bonuses worth 80 euros each:

  • A first bonus of 80euros for opening a bank account with or without a card,
  • 80euros additional fees for the activation of a Visa Premier or Platinum bank card,
  • And finally, a bonus of 80euros for any use of the bank domiciliation service when opening the account.


Offer details

The first bonus of 80 euros is awarded for any first opening of a current account, whether it is an individual or joint account. This bonus is paid in two installments. You will therefore receive a first payment of 40 euros on the 16th of the month following the final opening of the account, or at the latest on July 16, 2024. The second payment is conditional on the completion of at least 15 debtor transactions (card payments, direct debits, check payments) for a minimum total of 300 euros during the first 3 months following the final opening of the account. This bonus will be around the 16th of the 4th month following the opening of the account, and no later than June 16, 2024, provided that the current account is still active on this date.

The second bonus of 80 euros is offered for any subscription to a Visa Premier or Platinum card contract, subject to activation of the card. This bonus will be paid on the 16th of the month following activation of the Visa Premier or Platinum card, and no later than July 16, 2024. In addition, the welcome offer is applicable only once per account, regardless of the number of bank cards ordered. It excludes youth plans, PratiqPro, account rights and alternative offers. As for the income domiciliation bonus of 80 euros, payment will be made no later than 60 days after signing of the bank domiciliation request form.

The Monabanq current account

Three current account formulas

Monabanq offers three current account formulas: Pratiq+ 3euros per month, Uniq 6euros per month, and Uniq+ 9euros per month. These offers, without income conditions or commitment, all include the Visa Classic bank card. For a higher range, such as the Visa Premier, it is possible to order it for an additional 3 euros per month, or the Visa Platinum for an additional 9 euros per month.

Each customer benefits from powerful tools for optimal management of their budget, including SMS alerts to monitor the account situation and adjust expenses, a budget management tool for better categorization of expenses, and a mobile application among the best in the industry. walk to control the whole thing remotely.

The Monabanq 5% booklet for 3 months

That’s not all. For each opening of a current account with a Visa Classic, Premier or Platinum card with the Savings Card option, you also benefit from the savings offer from the Crdit Mutuel-CIC subsidiary. Currently, the rate of the associated booklet is boost 5% for a period of 3 months. To benefit from it, simply start opening this product before April 30, 2024 and make a first payment before May 15, 2024. Subsequently, the deposits will be remunerated at the bonus rate for the first three months following the opening, in the limit of 150,000 euros. Beyond this amount and this duration, the standard rate in force 1% will be applied.

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