Specialista: all about Delonghi’s range of semi-automatic coffee makers

At Delonghi, you can find all kinds of coffee machines: filter coffee makers, automatic models, but also semi-automatic, the Specialista series. How to find your way around the different models in this range? Response elements.

At Delonghi, the plethoric catalog of coffee makers is so complex that we aim to help you see more clearly. After having dissected the Magnifica and Dinamica ranges, which was already not an easy task, we are now tackling the Specialista series, devoted to the Italian manufacturer’s semi-automatic coffee makers.

La Specialista is a bit of a UFO since it is located between automatic machines with a grinder and those with a percolator. It aims to convert the user into a barista, by making him an actor in the preparation of his coffee. Once the coffee is ground automatically, the user must then use the filter holder to pack the ground coffee, an essential step for the proper extraction of the nectar.

To help you make your choice, here is a summary of the features and specificities of each reference.

**All models offer: **

  • Stainless steel finishes, neat and robust
  • A steel grinder
  • 8 grind settings
  • A hatch for ground coffee
  • A cup warmer
  • A manometer to observe the rise in pressure
  • A steam nozzle
  • Coffee dispensing for two cups simultaneously
  • Power of 1400 W

**The references each have their specificities: **

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