Sports day: 22,000 spectators are to watch the Super Bowl live

The sports day
22,000 spectators are expected to see the Super Bowl live

Despite the corona pandemic, 22,000 fans should be able to attend the Super Bowl live in the stadium this year. 7500 of them are already vaccinated employees of medical facilities, who received the tickets free of charge as thanks for their work in the pandemic, said the US Football League NFL. In addition, 14,500 other fans are to be there live at the major sporting event in the stadium, subject to strict protective measures. The Raymond James Stadium in Tampa Bay, Florida, seats around 70,000 spectators.

This year's Super Bowl is scheduled for February 7th. To reach the finals, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are currently playing against the Green Bay Packers and the Buffalo Bills against the Kansas City Chiefs in the playoffs. Singer Jazmine Sullivan and country star Eric Church will sing the US national anthem, and the Canadian musician The Weeknd will perform at halftime this year.