Spray on G-spot for better sex?

Better sex
Spray on the G-spot: will everything really get better then?

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The latest highlight in plastic surgery, which is supposed to make sex life even better: inject the G-spot. But is that really good?

by Linda Berger

Many would like better sex. For us women in particular, having an orgasm is not always easy. With unusual Measures can now allegedly help. At least since sex blogger Leila Lowfire got involved Spray on the G-spot to finally be able to experience a vaginal climax. Of course we want to know: Uuuunnnnddd? Did the enlargement help?

G-spot mystery: does it even exist?

The G-spot is considered to be THE female erogenous zone. Once the right spot has been touched, we women are supposed to be supposed to to orgasm immediately come – at least that is the legend surrounding the G-spot. This is not a “point” in the traditional sense, but rather a particularly sensitive area on the inner wall of the vagina. Nevertheless, this is apparently neither easy to find nor easy to stimulate. And basically it’s scientific not even fully clarified whether it’s the G-spot really there. For resourceful doctors, however, it was and they came up with the idea of ​​using the G-spot Injections to artificially enlarge.

Spray on the G-spot: what is being done?

At the G-spot it is sprayed on synthetically produced hyaluronic acid is usedwhich is very similar to the hyaluronic acid found in the body. Body fat is also suitable for injection. Therefore, the treatment is well tolerated in most cases. The resulting thickening should be the Increase pleasure especially in this erogenous zone.

Depending on the patient, G-spot injections hold loose twelve months , but costs between depending on the amount of hyaluronic acid injected 600 and 1,800 euros. Not exactly cheap, especially since it is not entirely clear whether the spraying pays off and actually for Ecstasy in bed cares.

Leila Lowfire has tested it – your conclusion

In your Sex Podcast “Better Than Sex” Leila speaks about the enlargement and the result and we listen eagerly. And this is what she says:

  1. The splash was not particularly painful and you only feel a short prick. Nevertheless: There is someone working on your vagina with a long syringe – mentally a great effort.
  2. After that you are pretty nice horny. But may don’t get started right away.
  3. Spraying definitely has advantages and ensures sensitivity. Depending on the amount of the injection, the G-spot initially swells up after the procedure and then gradually decreases again, which also has an impact on sensitivity. Nevertheless, one should not forget: spray on the G-spot is a surgical procedure and it can also have side effects entail.

In her podcast, Leila Lowfire therefore recommends all women who have difficulty achieving orgasm: “First try everything else, masturbate a lot and gain sexual experience!”