Star Academy "rigged"? The revelations of Jérémy Amelin, finalist of season 5: Current Woman The MAG

A mixed experience. Since leaving the star Academy, many are the candidates to evoke bad memories in the castle of Dammarie-les-Lys. Sofia Essaïdi is one of them. At the time of her participation in the third season of tele-hook, the singer was only 19 years old. If it allowed him to reveal himself to the general public and to shine in musical comedies as Cleopatra, the last queen of Egypt and Chicago, she does not hide having been greatly upset by her very sudden notoriety. "When you say the Star Ac 'experience was traumatic… Was it complicated to find yourself propelled overnight? ", asked Anne Roumanoff, at the helm of the radio show It feels good, sure Europe 1, Wednesday January 6, 2021. Sofia Essaïdi answered him bluntly: " Completely! I loved doing it. It was a real desire. But after, it's the world of TV, too. We are 19 years old, we don't understand anything at all. We are really there by passion, by desire. And then, we are entering a fairly complicated circuit. We understand that afterwards. "

Behind the scenes of the star Academy

A "complicated circuit"that Jérémy Amelin confirms. Guest of the program entitled Label, broadcast on Slash, Sunday February 28, 2021, the one who climbed to the final against Magalie Vaé in the fifth season of the star Academy keeps bad memories of his experience. According to him, the production of the show did not employ the best methods to make its candidates shine: "It wasn't really rigged because you were free to do pretty much whatever you wanted. But it's rigged in the sense that it's so influenced both for us to experience things, and for the public to perceive things'", explained the singer. The production notably asked candidates like Jérémy Amelin to repeat in front of the camera things that had been said in the privacy of the hours when the shooting was cut: "We were told, 'You can tell us that'. These were things we said in the CSA room, the room we had two hours a day where we weren't filmed. (…) And there they turn on the lights in the bedrooms so your friends can't sleep. So your friends come and tell you : 'Vcome on, answer the questions, say what they want ' ". Memories that did not prevent him from following the artistic path to which he was destined. The singer became a magazine leader in Alsace.

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