Star reacts coolly: Cristiano Ronaldo experiences an intimate streaker moment

Star reacts coolly
Cristiano Ronaldo experiences an intimate streaker moment

It’s happened again: a fan can’t seem to contain his love for Cristiano Ronaldo and storms onto the pitch to join him. The Portuguese veteran is calm about the situation. He has often experienced such situations in his long professional career.

During the European Championship qualifier against Bosnia-Herzegovina, Portuguese superstar Cristiano Ronaldo had a very intimate encounter with a speedster. The man charged at Ronaldo in Lisbon with a Portugal flag in hand and another waving around his waist. He hugged the five-time world footballer and sank to his knees in a deep bow, as if he wanted to kiss the professional footballer’s feet. Then he stood up again and briefly lifted Ronaldo in the air. When security forces came, the fan ran away.

The English newspaper “Sun” wrote of a “shocking moment”, but Ronaldo himself took the action with a smile. The physical approach didn’t upset the attacker from Saudi club FC Al-Nassr either. The 38-year-old was also happy about the result. With the 3-0 (1-0), Portugal is still enthroned at the top of the table in Group J without losing a point. The goals were scored by Champions League winner Bernardo Silva (44th) and Bruno Fernandes (77th and 90th + 3) – and not ronaldo

In his long career, the veteran star has had various encounters with fans who came running to him on the pitch. In most cases, Ronaldo reacted in a relaxed manner. In 2021, for example, then 13-year-old Addison Wheelan stormed the pitch after a World Cup qualifier between Ireland and Portugal. She secured a warm hug and the Portuguese’s shirt. At first she was threatened with a fine, but the Irish association ultimately showed mercy.

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