Stardew Valley: How to increase your energy?

Developed by Éric Baronne and released in 2016 on PC and then on consoles, Stardew Valley is still at the forefront of the video game scene. Considered a ” wholesome game “, the software invites players to take over the family farm of the character’s grandfather.

Thus, they will have to take care of the places in order to prosper, among other things. Obviously, quests have been added to the adventure, in addition to seasonal events. Suffice to say that there are many things to do. And that’s why, you need energy.

Stardew Valley, increase your energy

Energy, a very important parameter

From the beginning of the adventure, your smallest actions and gestures will require energy. A gauge is also displayed at the bottom of your screen on the left. Use your tools, fish, fight, plant seeds, install constructions, etc. are all actions that will reduce your energy gauge, which is fixed at 270.

Once the energy gauge is empty, your character enters the exhaustion phase. From then on, the latter will move more slowly and risk falling asleep. In order to avoid this, it is worth going to sleep. In effect, sleeping restores the energy gauge to 100%. Go to the Spa too.

Nevertheless, it is quite possible to increase its energy bar and in different ways. We explain how to do this in the following.

How to increase your energy?

Note immediately that it is possible to temporarily increase its energy. By consuming a drink or a cooked food, you will gain energy. Nevertheless, although some give more energy than others, the contribution is only temporary.

In order to significantly and sustainably increase your energy gauge, you will have to find and eat a star fruit, called ” stardrop ” in English. By consuming this fruit, the energy bar is then increased by 34 points.

So, if you manage to collect all the Star Fruits in Stardew Valley, and eat them, you can pass your energy bar from 270 to 508. Which is not negligible, you will most certainly agree.

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