Stardew Valley: Tips for exploring the mines

During your adventure on Stardew Valley, you will have to explore the different mines available in the game. These are places full of resources and useful items, but also creatures that are sure to attack you. Therefore, here some tips for exploring, at best, the mines on Stardew Valley.

Some tips for exploring the mines on Stardew Valley

Carry only the bare minimum

Before even going to the different mines available on Stardew Valley, sort through your inventory. Put in a safe or any other storage space the items that you consider valuable and that you do not want to lose.

Otherwise, carry only the bare minimum. Since mines are places full of resources to collect, you will need a lot of space in your inventory. Thus, we advise you to keep only your tools. The most important being your pickaxe and your sword.

Take some food

Once you’ve sorted through your inventory and equipped yourself with the tools you think are most useful, remember to take food. Indeed, depending on your progress on Stardew Valley, your stamina gauge is more or less important. Exploring mines, using your tools and fighting enemies are actions that require a lot of stamina.

As a result, there is a good chance that during your session in the mines, your stamina gauge will end up being very low. By eating food (meals, fruits, vegetables, etc.), you recover stamina and health. Thus, we recommend that you take several foods or meals cooked with youbefore going to the mines.

Stardew Valley - Pink Cake

Organize your exploration

Here, we will not talk about the Skull Cavern. We are mainly interested in the first mines: those available in the La Montagne region of Pelican Ville which have 120 floors in total. You probably guessed it, it is difficult to reach the 120th floor in a single day. Therefore, it is preferable toorganize your sessions allocated to mining exploration.

On our side, each time, we finished 10 or 20 floors per session. Why 10 and 20? Quite simply because all the floors ending in 0 or 5 have an elevator. This allows you to get out of mines quickly and safely.

Stardew Valley - Mines and Landing
As a reminder, Stardew Valley is available on PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and smartphones (iOS and Android).

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