Started resuscitation – motorcyclists find lifeless cyclist

Two motorcycle drivers found a cyclist lying lifeless on the sidewalk in Mariastein in Tyrol on Sunday. The two immediately started resuscitation and called 911.

At around 5:22 p.m., two motorcycle drivers in Mariastein, Kufstein district, found a cyclist who was obviously the only one who had fallen on the sidewalk. The man was in a life-threatening condition: he showed no vital signs. He also had a head wound that was bleeding profusely. The two motorcyclists immediately began resuscitation and made the emergency call. After the first aid, he was flown to the Innsbruck clinic with the emergency doctor helicopter. As reported by the police, further investigations revealed that the 50-year-old had probably come from a nearby inn in an intoxicated state and was on his way home.
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