Starting today at Lidl: Cheap Thermomix alternative is back – and 50 euros cheaper

The Monsieur Cuisine food processor is now available again from Lidl. (Image source: Lidl)

The inexpensive Thermomix alternative “Monsieur Cuisine Connect SKMC 1200 F6” is available again. An improved version of the kitchen helper is available from Lidl for 50 euros less than before. The CookingPilot, a 7-inch display and of course a WLAN connection are also included.


Update from March 21, 2022: Lidl has once again added the “Monsieur Cuisine Connect SKMC 1200 F6” to the range. From Monday, March 21, the kitchen helper will be available for purchase online again. The discounter has also turned the price screw, because the Thermomix alternative is available for 349 euros instead of 399 euros (source: Lidl).

Original item:

Lidl offers Thermomix alternative again

Lidl has reintroduced Monsieur Cuisine to its range. The popular Alternative to the much more expensive Thermomix from Vorwerk can now be ordered online. 500 recipes with step-by-step instructions are stored on the food processor. Additional recipes are available in a free database accessed via WiFi. Favorite recipes can also be saved as favorites. The price is 399 euros (look at Lidl).

In terms of the basic principle, the Thermomix and the Monsieur Cuisine machine do not differ. The cheap alternative to the Thermomix offers several automatic programs (kneading, steaming and searing) and has a ten-level speed setting. There is a left and right rotation function that can be used to either knead or chop ingredients.

The kitchen machine Monsieur Cuisine Connect SKMC 1200 F6. Image: Lidl.

This is what the Monsieur Cuisine multi-cooker offers:

  • 500 preloaded recipes with instructions
  • Access to online recipes via WiFi
  • integrated kitchen scale
  • 7 inch display
  • Steamer insert with lid included
  • Mixing attachment, cooking insert, knife insert & spatula
  • Cooking under pressure, boiling, searing, chopping, pureeing, stirring, mixing
  • 4.5 liter capacity
  • Output of up to 1,050 watts
  • Weight of 7.1 kilograms (with accessories: 10.6 kilograms)
  • Price in Lidl’s online shop: 399 euros + shipping (look at Lidl)

More details in the video:

Is the Monsieur Cuisine Connect worth buying?

The multi-cooker from Monsieur Cuisine offers a large part of the functions that are similar in the expensive competition from Vorwerk are to be found. But it is also clear that the higher price of the Thermomix is ​​justified by more choice. However, if you are satisfied with something less at a much lower price, you should take a closer look at what Lidl has to offer. Even cheaper is the Krups CZ7101 Cook4Me+, which is available on Amazon for less than half the price (check it out on Amazon). But he can also do a lot less.

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